Here’s a short list of some of the sites we use to support our reggae addiction.  Please suggest additional sites, categories, etc.


Online Radio 

Discographies (formerly Roots Knotty Roots)


Retailers (ask for Ernie – very knowledgeable)


This Is Reggae Music – Lloyd Bradley -

Bass Culture – Lloyd Bradley -

Dub: Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae – Michael E. Veal

Solid Foundation – An Oral History of Reggae – David Katz

Young Gifted & Black – The Story of Trojan Records – de Koningh & Cane-Honetysett

Dubwise – Klive Walker -

Reggae Routes – The Story of Jamaican Music – Kevin O’brien Chang, Wayne Chen

Jamaican Warriors – Reggae Roots & Culture – Stephen Foehr

The Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae – Edited by (my buddy) Colin Larkin -

Rough Guide To Reggae (Various versions of this book) – Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton


"Two Sides of Jamaica"
“Two Sides of Jamaica” M…
Posted 3 years ago

This mix isn't a strict A-side B-side 45rpm juxtaposition, but more of a climb-the-mango-tree jam jumble. 1st half is all instrumentals with the exception of a DJ overdub or two.…

“Two Sides of Jamaica” M…
“Cover Me Jamaica” Mix#2
“Cover Me Jamaica” Mix#2
Posted 3 years ago

The second mix has arrived, and it's just a sampler of a vast catalog of covers. I did try to include some that were new to me, and some classics.…

“Cover Me Jamaica” Mix#2
“A Sound Sense of Dread” (Jamaican Archives Mix #1)
“A Sound Sense of Dread” (Jamaican Archives M…
Posted 3 years ago

This mix has been inspired by current economic events, and in our Turtnable.FM room we seem to find ourselves often getting into such themes. The S&P has been zig zagging…

“A Sound Sense of Dread” (Jamaican Archives M…

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